Table of Contents

Getting Started

To start off this walkthrough, we will guide you through using the launcher.

Assuming you have already successfully installed the game, click on the shortcut on your desktop named 'The Baby Video Game'.

When the launcher opens, you will notice that its checking for updates. After it's done 'Discovering Updates', we recommend that you update the game. To do so, click the 'Update' button and wait for this process to complete. if you recive an error during this operation, you may have to start the launcher as an administrator. Once the updates have completed, you may click 'Play' to launch the game.

Your First Steps(So to Speak)

Next up, we're gonna guide you through save game creation and graphics configuration

To start, you need to create a savegame. Now, you may have multiple save games per user account. Click the new game button, and enter a name for the save-game. Legends say that there is one save file name, that gives infinite riches to the player.

Once you've created the save file, you may press the 'level select' button. Afterwards select 'first level'.

After the level loads up, you should be by a long river, that leads to a giant fortress. We'll get to this a little later.

If the game is lagging alot, chances are you don't have a good graphics card, if you even have one in the first place. There's a simple fix for this.

Hit the escape key. Then click settings, then graphics. Drag the slider to the point where the game doesn't lag while you drag it.

After that, you should be good to go!