The Story

The Babies were born to a single father who's wife died after child-birth. They were given a "stay-baby-shot" which makes them immortal, and stay in baby form forever.

In thier early years of life, The Babies happened to discover that they had super-powers. Bewildered at first, they asked their father about it.

Thier father told them. "Boys... its about time that i tell you something...". "Yes daddy?" the children asked. The father continues "You guys have super-powers. Abilites that no-one else can have... or ever will have."

Many years later, an evil villan named Cabbage Baby plotted to destroy the city. The Babies decided to rise up, and take on evil face to face. With their combined abilities and wits, they were Unstoppable!

Now, The Babies defend the city from the evil Cabbage Baby, and all his lame gadgets!

Take a moment to meet them all:

The "Originals"

These babies are the ones who first formed the crime-fighting crew

Big Baby
He's disgusting, clueless, and all around stupid. He owns a world famous bakery and has a recipe named after bloody boogers.
Medium Baby
Enthusiastic, sensitive, and knowledgable(sort-of). He loves animals and has always wanted a pet dog.
Little Baby
Clever, neruotic, and irritable, he's smarter than Albert Einstien and has two brains. He's always thinking outside-the-box and is constantly annoyed at his loud brothers.
Huge Baby
Was found in thier mother's grave. Even though Medium Baby thought he was a zombie, Big Baby was happy to invite him on the team. He trained with Little Baby to improve his problem solving skills, and now he's a master at puzzles.

The "2.0s"

The "2.0" Babies are the Originals' cousins. They all joined The Babies later on.

Big Baby 2.0
Although he's brighter than Big Baby, he still isn't very smart. He has a special shape-shifting ability, and he likes to use it to mess with his teammates.
Medium Baby 2.0
Need to know anything about trains? Ask Medium Baby 2.0! He's a walking train encyclopedia. He loves to drive around his hotrod and his favorite color is pink.
Little Baby 2.0
He loves everything about nature. Some say he's part baby, part predator. He has special instincts that help him detect danger, and he loves having intellectual conversations with Little Baby.
Huge Baby 2.0
He's a devout optimist, and brings happiness wherever he goes. He's extremely smart, and has the ability to make dozens of clones of himself. He also likes to help the Little Babies with thier experiments.

The Cabbage Family

These Babies are the embodyment of pure evil! They're constantly plotting to destroy the world, and they always fail to defeat The Babies.

Cabbage Baby
He's old, cranky, and always napping. After he adopted the Cabbage Twins, he retired from the evil buissness. Now he teaches his children the ways of the villan, in hopes of finally crushing The Babies.
The Cabbage Twins
One's named Billy, and the other one Bobby. Despite the clear difference between thier belly buttons, thier father always has trouble telling them apart. They hope to one day fulfil their failed father's dream of taking over the city, but can never seem to get things right.